Sunday, October 16, 2005


Or atleast...possible FAQs...I haven't really been asked every question...but WHATEVER!

Q: How do you draw your comics?
A: I use a Wacom 3 Graphire Tablet Pad, and I mainly draw my strips straight in Flash 8. Also, I color the comics in Photoshop CS2.

Q: Where did you learn to draw?
A: Nowhere, God gave me a talent that I've just loved to use and have developed over the years. I credit any skills and abilities to retain the knowledge I have to Him, and also give credit to those artist guys on TV, online, and such that have also helped me pick up and learn new techniques.

Q:Can you teach me to draw?

A: Yea! Well no...I'm not a personal tutor, but you can head on over here to my how-to section to learn to draw the Just Deserts characters! :D

Q: Why is it called "Just Deserts"? You know you misspelled it...

A: Well, the name is a parody (click the link Marter) of the popular phrase "...Get Your Just Desserts." with the different being that instead of desserts (the ice cream, flan, yum yums) its deserts (sand, cactus, no water type) because the comic was based off of the popular Battlefield 1942 mod, Desert Combat. Despite different pronunciations, I still call the comic by "desserts" instead of "deserts"...-_-

Q: Sooo...who are all these strange people? The old orange bearded man, that piggy, that Smitty dude I have an urge to kill...
A: Those are all friends from the tournament I'm in, 21st Century Warfare (or 21CW for short). Most of the characters were taken from their sigs, some sort of symbolic characteristic they have, or even because of family relations!

Q: What the crap is a Super General?
A: It's my rank, Stealth's rank, the best rank you can have that I didn't make up...get used to it.

Q: Can I have a sig?
A: Not after that Super General question...
Actually, at the start of every campaign I start a request thread. So be ready for that. :P

Q: Fine Mr. Super General, how come some of your images don't come up?
A: Well, if you haven't noticed, I'm using many free resources to the best I can, I mean, this whole site isn't costing me anything :P I use:
Blogger: For main site hosting
Imageshack: For small image hosting (those pre-comic images you click, or the next/back buttons)

The thing is, sometimes these guys (especially MyFilehut and Imageshack) do some server upgrades or maintenance and some images become unavailable temporarily. So I have no control, especially if (for instance) Blogger goes down, then I can't even upload my comic. Now I use my space, so big (and newer small files) should not be missing. If they are, its probably because I haven't transferred the files yet, so let me know!

Q: Fine, but what if I have more questions I want answered and you forgot to put it in this short, pitiful FAQ?
A: There's an e-button to your left :P

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