Monday, May 04, 2009

Update: Finally the Finals


Goodness, 2+ weeks without anything, my bad. The bad news is homework is piling up as we approach finals, good news is Just Deserts will be up and running with (hopefully daily) updates June 1, with perhaps some fillers strips the week before. Just hold out a little longer people, whoever you may be nowadays. razz In the mean time you can look at this "presentation" diagram thingy I used during an exposition and try to decipher it. rolleyes


Toast said...

I deciphered globalization.

Did I win?

Steve50013 said...

Giant Robots keep attacking Japan so they brought in the transformers to take them down?

Stealth said...

Toast has mad deciphering skills, that's pretty much what the book talked about! X-D

Toast said...

Oh boy! Where's my prize?

Frankly, I think the Power Rangers gave it away.

media said...

I think I had an epileptic seizure reading it..

Toast said...

Well, epileptic seizures is what globablization mainly consists of.

So you had the right answer, just didn't know that it was it.

(Power Rangers can do that to you)

Jonathan said...

you know i hate to ask this, but you wouldnt happen to have all my past sigs you made do you?


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